What Am I Doing Here?

I’m a writer, but I am not a blogger.

I used to blog, actually. Remember a little site in the 90s called “Open Diary”? An online journal was such a novel idea when I was in high school. Of course, I used code names in case anyone I knew found it and discovered all my deep, dark secrets. (Update: many classmates found it, and none of my secrets were at all deep, let alone dark.)

Then, I moved across the country. Determined to stay in touch with my now-far-away family and friends, I settled into a new blog that was basically just a newsletter about my newfound life on the West Coast…. with some occasionally deep musings on the philosophy of faith and life.

(Update: in retrospect, these musings were neither deep nor actually philosophical.)

I wasn’t a very good blogger, so very few people were reading the words on the screen. It was time to bid farewell to my high school habit and focus on other work- writing copy for print and radio….. penning scripts for a faith-based theatre company…. completing papers in order to complete my degrees….. creating curriculum for children’s ministry….. and maybe even occasionally scribbling in my own journal for my eyes only.

So what am I doing here?

I’m reaching out to you.

I’d like to show you what I’m working on and hear from you, too. Maybe we’ll share children’s ministry ideas or our thoughts on the Creator of the universe. Maybe we’ll exchange resources and create theatrical pieces. Perhaps you’re a publisher or a literary agent who is interested in my work. The internet is for connecting, and that’s what I’m doing here.

Words were never meant to stay confined on the page, so I’m giving mine a voice.

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