Build Your Way to Babel

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Tower of Babel

The Scripture: Genesis 11:1-9

Think about it: Normally, teamwork is a good thing. What are some good times to work together as a group?

The ancient people in Shinar were really good at teamwork. Their plan to build a tall tower was working nicely! There was just one problem….

The people of Shinar had a reason to build the tallest tower. It wasn’t because they liked fancy buildings or thought teamwork was fun. They “wanted to make a name for themselves”. This means they didn’t care about anything but being famous. They had too much pride in themselves, which leaves no time or energy to worship God.

The Lord saw that this wasn’t a good plan. So He divided the people by giving them different languages. Can you imagine the confusion? What do you think happened at the moment that God changed their speech? Without being able to talk to each other, the people could not continue to build their tall tower.

When we are working together with God, He makes all things possible. But when we only care about ourselves, we won’t get very far. What dreams are most important to you? Where does God fit into your dreams and plans?

Look up this memory verse and say it out loud: Matthew 19:26 “Jesus looked at [the disciples] and said, “With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible.” Pray about it: Thank God for helping us work together. Ask Him to be in all your dreams and plans, so that everything you do brings glory to Him.

Active time! Use a book, app, or website to learn a new language! Many resources are available to help you. Then, be creative and invent your own language to share with a sibling or a friend.

Bonus fun: Build a tall tower out of blocks, boxes, pillows, or anything else you find. How tall can you reach?

Get more Bible Time for Active Kids here!

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