Blinded by the Light

Check out this sample New Testament chapter from Bible Time for Active Kids!

You can find the whole book here.

The Scripture: Acts 9:1-19

Saul was not a very nice guy. He made life very difficult and dangerous for people who followed Jesus. Most of the Christians were afraid of him. One day, everything changed.

When Saul was traveling down the road, and bright light suddenly shown down on him! A voice from heaven said, “Saul, why are you persecuting me?” That means the Lord was asking why Saul treated the Christians so badly. Then the Lord said, “I am Jesus! Now go to the city and I will tell you what to do there.” Then Saul realized that he couldn’t see anything anymore. But he went to the city like Jesus told him to do.

Ananias was a man who followed Jesus. He had heard about all the terrible things Saul had done. When he was praying that day, God told him to help Saul. How do you think Ananias felt when God told him to go see Saul?

Ananias trusted and believed God when He said Ananias would be safe. He followed God’s instructions and discovered everything the way He said it would be. When Ananias met Saul and prayed for him, Saul could see again!

God changed Saul’s heart. The change was so big that Saul had a new name- now he was Paul. Paul was learning to follow Jesus, too. Soon, he would travel all over the land to tell people about Jesus and help them follow Him, too.

Is there anyone you know that doesn’t treat others very nicely? Is there a bully at school who is a little bit intimidating? God loves that person, too. In fact, God has a plan for his or her life, just like God had big plans for Paul!

Look up this memory verse and say it out loud: Acts 9:3-4 “Suddenly a light from heaven flashed around him. He fell to the ground. He heard a voice speak to him, ‘Saul! Saul!’ the voice said, ‘Why are you persecuting me?’” Pray about it: Thank God for loving us no matter how we behave. Ask God to help you see people through His eyes.

Active time! It’s not easy to depend on other people, but Saul needed lots of help while he was blind. Find a parent or buddy you trust, then cover your eyes with a blindfold. Let them help you walk, eat, and do other tasks. What is it like to need help? How do you think God was teaching Saul to depend on Him, too?

Bonus fun: God made a big change in Saul’s heart. Have you heard of upcycling? It’s changing something old into something new and better. For example, if you decorate an old can, you are able to use it as a beautiful pencil holder. What can you upcycle today? Ask a parent for ideas and help with any difficult projects.

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